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Who Are These People?

You're probably wondering about these Kinnickinnic Goldendoodle people. Who are they? Why did they get into the dog breeding business? Why Goldendoodles? Such good questions! We ask ourselves the same questions every day! Just kidding ... but seriously!

Well, both I and the Hard Man (my hubby's awesome handle) grew up having dogs for pets. Some of our fondest childhood memories revolve around our family canines. Naturally, we wanted our boys (all 5 of them!) to experience a family dog as part of their childhood (little did I know we weren't going to stop at a dog...their childhood pets to date have included dogs, a cat, fish, lizards and one very hermity hermit crab...but that is fodder for a whole other blog post)! Once we started having children, a family dog seemed to be a natural option for us.

As we thought about owning a dog, we also knew that it would be a great opportunity to teach our boys responsibility and how to care for something. One of our greatest desires is to teach our boys to work hard and be proud of what they can accomplish. This also led us to start thinking about a small family business... one where we could include the boys in the day to day business operations. We have a sister and brother -in-law who raise purebred Great Pyrenees with their children in Northern MN (Up North Pyrs). They said "You guys should start a small dog breeding business! You and your boys would love it!" After considering the suggestion for a while, we decided a dog breeding business did seem to be a good fit for our family.

We started researching breeds that we would like to own. I have always been partial to the retriever family. I saw a picture of a goldendoodle and I just fell in love. They have the friendly, good-natured attitude of a golden retriever and the smarts of a poodle. A goldendoodle is very easy to train, they have very low maintenance/hypoallergenic fur and they're just so CUTE! We decided this was going to be "our breed".

Our medium goldendoodle, Kinni, and our standard goldendoodle, Nicki, joined our family in early 2017 and Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles was born. We named the girls after the peaceful Kinnickinnic River that runs through our neighborhood. Our handsome purebred poodle Mars joined us in 2018. These dogs have been such a fun addition to our family and our boys have done so well in learning how to feed them, bathe them and, probably the more unpopular, but necessary, chore of "cleaning up" after them #reallifechores. It is a joy to work alongside of our boys and also see them enjoying their dogs too! And our pretty dogs love their boys.

We are enjoying learning more and more about this business and we are so excited about what this year holds for us. Their puppies will be F1b goldendoodles (75% poodle and 25% golden retriever). We're excited for our business to grow and for the opportunity to get to know all of you along the way. We'd love to have you share in this adventure with us.


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