Kinni & Her Pups

New Litter Coming Fall 2021!

White Washed Wood

Kinni is our beautiful medium goldendoodle.  She has beautiful red and cream coloring.  She is 45lbs, and stands at 20".


She will have adorable F1b medium and small standard goldendoodle puppies.  We estimate they will weigh 45+ lbs.  They will be 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever.  Their fur will be wavy-curly and they will shed minimally, if at all, saving your carpets, furniture & allergies.  These puppies are excellent family pets.

Pricing for Kinni's Puppies:

Down Payment: $300

(non-refundable and due immediately to hold your puppy)

Remaining Balance: $1900

(due one week prior to puppy pickup or designated date)

Total Due: $2200

(plus any applicable fees and sales tax)

The above pricing is for PET ONLY!  If you would like breeding rights, please inquire.

First vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, health guarantee and local delivery are included in the above pricing.

puppy selection is based on down payment receipt!

Kinni Winter 2018.jpg

DO NOT MISS OUT on one of Kinni's Limited Puppies!

Same procedures and pricing applies as previous litters

White Washed Wood


Mars X Kinni

Down Payment $300

Reserve Your Puppy Now!

Your name will be placed on our litter list in the order that your down payments are received.

litter selection roster for Kinni's 2021 FALL Litter

1. *Sonia Fleck, Texas

2.  Logan Helgedalen, Minnesota


3.  Susan Lien, Minnesota

4.  Mary Little, Minnesota


5.  Alex Scharber, Minnesota


6.  Kris Miller - Minnesota


7.   Kathy Ritacco - Minnesota

8.   Kelly Lynch - Texas

9.  Mardy Rodriguez - Minnesota

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White Washed Wood