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Kristen O'Hara & Tater

(formerly Napper from Hilde's 2023 Summer Litter)

I loved our experience getting our puppy from Bri and Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. We got a puppy in August 2023 from Hilde's litter, and we couldn't be happier. Communication was timely. She is very knowledgeable and organized. And most of all, our puppy is doing great at our home-great with our kids, went potty outside right away, and follows us everywhere. If you are looking for a goldendoodle-look no further.

Lemon (Barbie).jpg

Kirsten Pennington & Lemon

(formerly Barbie from Hilde's 2023 Summer Litter)

We had a great experience with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. When we were looking for a breeder their website provided us with lots of data to assure us our puppy had healthy parents. The property was very clean and organized and our puppy is absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommended 10/10

Fergus (Tassle)_edited.jpg

Karen Beck & Fergus

(formerly Tassel from Brenn's 2023 Summer Litter)

We had a wonderful experience working with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles! Fergus (formerly known as Tassel) is a sweet, smart pup and is acclimating well. I highly recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles.


Sarah Bingle & Finley

(formerly Chap from Kinni's 2020 Christmas Litter)

I have now purchased one puppy from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles and I cannot recommend Bri and her dogs enough. Bri is so kind, her adoption process is simple yet thorough, and her dogs possess the best qualities of poodles and retrievers; they are smart, playful, loyal, gentle, silly, and so loving-not to mention absolutely gorgeous (and healthy). It is obvious upon meeting Bri and her dogs that she is passionate about her work and takes the BEST care of her pups. My puppy came to me with a basic understanding of potty training and sitting. He was so easy to train! 10/10 You will not find a better breeder or better puppies (or mamas)!


Miranda Hagen & Banks

(from Vega's 2022 Winter Litter)

Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles is THE BEST. From the moment we decided to inquire, to the day we got our pup, we had an amazing experience! Bri did a great job providing information so we could choose the right litter for us. Once we had chosen, she kept us in the loop on timing, when the puppies were born, and all the info we would need to make sure we were ready to bring one home! They have an amazing facility for all their mamas/puppies, and there was no doubt in my mind that they love them so well while they are in their care! Our dude Banks is the BEST addition to our family, and he has brought us so much joy already. Thank you Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles! We will be back!


Audrey Putnam & Chopper

(from Hilde's 2022 Winter Litter)

We are absolutely thrilled & very happy with our goldendoodle from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. Bri was such a pleasure to connect with on everything. Purchasing best fitted kennel for him the take home bag.
She's got you covered with everything on bringing home your new family member. Very happy with the breeder.


Blake Morrow & Daisy

(formerly Therma from Hilde's 2022 Winter Litter)

We love our Kinnickinnic Goldendoodle! Bri and her whole family made adding our Daisy doodle to be such a positive, joyful experience. Everything was so organized, and the communication was amazing. It was so fun to see pictures and video updates of momma Hilde from pregnancy to her puppy’s first experiences. These pups definitely get a good start to life, making the transition to coming home so easy and positive for all!


Adrienne Gyllen & Gretzky

(formerly Stanley from Vega's 2022 Winter Litter)

Gretzky is a wonderful little pup!  He is catching on to potty training and learning to “Sit to Please!”  He loves the grandchildren and certainly adds to our overall happiness!  He is a wonderful addition to our family!


Jordan, Brooke & Teddi

(formerly Birchie from Brenn's 2022 Fall Litter)

It was a great experience overall. They take pride and joy with breading! Very communicative during the process before getting the puppy and always sending updates with pictures, videos, and information prior to pickup. We love our little puppy Teddi!


Cate O'Meara & Murphy

(formerly Polar from Hilde's 2021 Fall Litter)

I got connected with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles by a friend shortly after my family unexpectedly lost our 6-year-old goldendoodle. Bri was so helpful and patient, answering all of our many questions. We were not sure we were ready to bring a puppy into our lives but he was everything we needed and more. We cannot imagine a better breeder and they really set you up with everything you need. We love our sweet Murphy who is such a beautiful pup!!! I remember driving off with Murphy and thinking “this is where I am going to get all of my dogs.”  


Janee Katz & Yukon

(from Kinni's 2021 Fall Litter)

We had a wonderful experience getting our sweet Christmas puppy Yukon "Yukie" from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles!  Bri was really easy to communicate with and they truly do love and take care of their dogs!  Beautiful grounds, very informative breeders. Playful, smart and loving dogs!


Kathy Ritacco & Archie

(formerly Marley from Kinni's 2021 Fall Litter)

We had the best experience from start to finish with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles.  Bri was in constant communication with us throughout the entire process with quick updates, sharing photos (once puppies were born) and lots of recommendations to consider. We had a wonderful experience and LOVE our Christmas puppy (Archie - AKA Marley).


Susan Lien & Jovie

(from Kinni's 2021 Fall Litter)

We had wanted a golden doodle for quite some time. We finally decided the time was right in early 2021. After lots of research we contacted Bri at Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. We weren’t disappointed. Bri was so great about explaining the process and answering my thousands of questions that we put a deposit down very early. We were second on the list! You would think getting second choice would be the greatest thing ever, right? But all of the puppies were so adorable that it was almost impossible to choose! Bri remembered what I said we hoped for most in our puppy and really helped point us in the best direction. Again, no disappointment. Jovie is the sweetest little girl ever and we are totally in love!  Jovie was from Kinni’s Fall 2021 litter. We love everything about her and even kept her name the same! I highly recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. It’s obvious how much they love all their dogs and love what they do! 


Patrick Kurka & Busker

(formerly Teton from Kinni's 2021 Spring Litter)

Got my puppy here. They are very responsive and I am so glad to have found them as my breeder. Not to mention the dogs are beautiful and everyone keeps telling me how well mannered my pup is and he is just 4 months old. I would 10/10 recommend Kinnickinnic

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Kim Wagner & Bowie

(formerly Maui from Nicki's 2021 Spring Litter)

Bri was great to work with. I am so happy I found her and her family.  They have a beautiful property in River Falls.  Bowie was born in the Spring of 2021, part of Nicki's litter. He is awesome. I get so many compliments on his color. He loves people, dogs, food and having fun. 
She kept our group informed and we all stay in touch, checking in on our doods. 

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Miller Family Dell.jpg

The Miller Family & Dell

(formerly Solomon from Nicki's 2021 Spring Litter)

If you’re going to get a Goldendoodle go to Bri!! She is timely, knowledgeable, keeps you in the loop regarding everything puppy and the use of social media to see updates on your dog is perfection! We just brought our dood, “Dell” home this weekend and he is the talk of the neighborhood. He’s been so well behaved and is absolutely stunning to look at! Would 10/10 recommend Kinnickinnic 🤗💯

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Felicia Jones & Lola

(formerly Tahiti from Nicki's 2021 Spring Litter)

I would 100% recommend. I’ve been searching for almost a year for a golden-doodle. I’m glad I came across there company on Instagram. The whole process was a breeze and so simple. I don’t even know where to begin.. from inquiring, to purchasing to picking up day everything was handled professionally and efficiently. Bri communication was top notch. She responded to all my questions and concerns fast. You can tell they take pride in their business as well as there puppies. I love the way they love there dogs. They’re so caring. I’m in love with my new puppy. She’s adorable and already the talk of town.

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Hannah Jones & Evie

(formerly Tonga from Nicki's 2021 Spring Litter)

As a first time dog owner, I am thankful I went with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. Bri was communicative, kind, and so helpful throughout the whole process! The amount of work, care, and dedication they put into the litter I picked from was worth every penny. Not only that, but I have only had my puppy, Evie, for a few days now, and I cannot believe how well behaved she is! She is so friendly, playful, takes naps easily, and has had very few accidents in the house. This just shows how much effort they put into caring for these puppies before they even go home. I was given the best recommendations regarding food, vaccines, vitamins, training, and everything in between. Every question I had was answered quickly, and I could not have asked for a better experience. I recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles to anyone looking for goldendoodle puppies, especially those who are new to puppy life! I will definitely be going back to get another goldendoodle from them in the future!

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Zach Fritz & Oliver

(formerly Cook from Nicki's 2021 Spring Litter)

I would highly recommend. Very timely with responses, also very knowledgeable, treated the puppy’s as if they are her own. All around great experience!


Anna Vo & Leon

(formerly Marshall from Nicki's 2021 Spring Litter)

As a first time dog owner, Bri made the process very easy with frequent updates on the litter and quickly responded to any questions that I had. When we brought Leon home, we were expecting the usual puppy 1st night whimpering/barking, but he adjusted to his environment very fast and slept in his kennel throughout the night. If anybody is looking for a Goldendoodle, I highly recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodle! They are the best!

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Jared Norris & Magnolia

(formerly Filly from Kinni's 2020 Christmas Litter)

Wonderful experience. Gorgeous, healthy, and smart goldendoodle.


Mariaha Wilson & Bailey

(formerly Halter from Kinni's 2020 Christmas Litter)

Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles is an AWESOME place to find your Furever family member. From the beginning, the process was very smooth and I felt absolutely confident in the health of our puppy. I knew we were not getting a puppy mill puppy, but a puppy that was loved and taken care of before she got to us. This is my first time purchasing a puppy from a breeder- as all my other dogs have come from shelters- so I was new to the process, but very impressed. Even before I made the decision to bring home our baby, Bri answered every single question that I had, in a timely manner. Bri is awesome at explaining things and welcomes communication. She also continues the relationship with families after puppy has left the litter. I am so happy I stumbled upon Kinni Goldendoodles. We are in love with our sweet girl and recommend anyone looking for a quality Fur Baby to check out Kinni Goldendoodles. The entire process is so fun! From the updates on mom’s status, photos, selection day, and gotcha day- we enjoyed every moment.

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Edward & Shelby Alvarado

Daphne & Chloe

(formerly Emory from Nicki's 2020 Spring Litter & Navi from Nicki's 2020 Fall Litter)

We cannot speak highly enough about Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles! Bri is personable, knowledgeable and honest in her business. This family puts their heart into these puppies and it shows in so many ways! We got Daphne in June 2020 and were amazed at her sweet temperament, how easy she was to train, and what an easy time we had socializing her. She is so friendly in public but honestly never barks at people or other animals. She was so good in fact, that we decided she needed a sister - & along came Chloe from Nicki’s 2020 fall litter. Chloe has a different personality from Daphne in several ways but is equally as sweet, well tempered and very smart. The quality of these dogs does not waver from puppy to puppy or litter to litter. We love both of our girls so much and they love each other! Working with Bri has been above and beyond our expectations and we recommend her to anyone looking to add four furry paws to their family.


Sandra Delagarza & Lola

(formerly Medina from Nicki's 2020 Fall Litter)

Lola came home last night and she’s absolutely pawfect! She loves snuggles (especially during the night!) And potty training is going really well. 

We are just over the moon about her and are so thankful we found Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles! Here’s to the next chapter in our life! The doodle life!

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Crystal Ferrer-Florez & Carhart

(formerly Morgan from Kinni's 2020 Summer Litter)

Thank you so much for our girl. From the very beginning with all the puppy updates and videos you assured us our pup was getting the best of care. We are so proud of Carhart and her growth she is so smart. No potty accidents, No chewed up flip flops... She’s the BEST!   Again, THANK YOU!


Lourdes Grey & Dio

(formerly Bandera from Kinni's 2020 Summer Litter)

I absolutely loved working with Bri and Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. From the very beginning Bri was quick to respond to emails and messages, constantly updated us before the pups were born and sent pictures, videos and updates on the pups once they arrived. She is knowledgeable, professional and a joy to work with. She breeds beautiful smart pups. You will not be disappointed! My boy Dio is my world! Yours will be too!

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Kelly Lynch & Crouton

(formerly Bailey from Kinni's 2020 Summer Litter)

Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles is the best breeder in central Texas! Our experience getting our sweet pup, Crouton, was seamless. Bri was great to work with. She’s quick to respond to emails and updated us weekly until pick-up day! Bringing Crouton home was such a joy. She’s incredibly smart — we only had a handful of accidents in the house the first few days she was with us. She has been easy to train and is so friendly and social with people and dogs alike. You can tell Bri and her family care for these litters so lovingly. I highly recommend them if you’re in the market for a doodle. We can’t wait to work with them again!


Jaren & Derek Rodriguez

River & Juno

(formerly Crockett from Nicki's 2020 Spring Litter & Katy from Kinni's 2020 Summer Litter)

We got our River boy a week ago! I don’t know how we ever lived without him. I waited two years to get my pup and I’m so thankful when the time came to finally get my doodle that I found Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. The fact that Bri involves her children in caring and playing with the puppies definitely made this an easier transition for the pup as well as us! River loves to play with our kids! He came out of his shell about two days after we got home! He’s almost 9 weeks old and is already following commands. He is so smart!! We love him! We love him so much that we are getting another pup from Bri in June. Can’t waittt! Thank you for always responding to my questions and sending me pics of our pup while he was waiting for us to take him home. You have truly brought joy to our family.

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Eloisa Qlla & Greta

(formerly Lacy from Nicki's 2020 Spring Litter)

Great experience!!! very helpful, awesome breeder, in love with our puppy!


Eileen Suarez & Brody

(formerly Ranger from Nicki's 2020 Spring Litter)

I had an excellent experience with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. Bri was very personable, responsive, and always available to answer questions. The process was seamless from the beginning. Bri and her family take great care of the puppies and consistent with communications and sending photos. I did a lot of research and loved these puppies. I've had Brody for a week now and his is so sweet and playful. I couldn't be happier with my choice of breeder and puppy. I highly recommend Kinnickinnic if you are looking for a Goldendoodle.


The White Family & Charlie

(formerly Tater of Kinni's 2019 Fall Litter)

My family and I purchased the cutest little male goldendoodle from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles in the Fall 2019. I honestly could not have had a better experience. They were quick to respond to any questions I had. I was not able to come to their home to pick out my puppy, when the time came, so I did so on FaceTime. Bri was so friendly and helpful. She knew what I was looking for in a pup, so she guided me. When the time came to pick him up to come home with us, I was so impressed with the situation. They are a beautiful family that doesn’t just “breed dogs”, but the dogs are an extension of their family. The puppies are loved on just like they were staying in that home forever. Which meant, my Charlie was much easier to bond with and train him and socialize him! He is 1 1/2 now. He is the smartest and cutest dog I have ever known. (I may be a little biased) 😊 Again, I cannot recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles enough!

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The Raatz Family & Scout

(formerly Goose of Kinni's 2019 Fall Litter)

We have now had Mr. Scout for one week and several people have asked how it’s going. Well, in the words of our oldest son, Dean, “Wow! Having a dog is a lot harder than watching other people have a dog!”

That said, we all knew bringing a puppy into the house would mean a big transition, especially in the first few weeks. On night one, when I was sleeping on the couch and Dean on the floor next to him because he was having too hard of a time in his kennel, I cannot lie, I was wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.

Fast forward to today though and I cannot believe how well things are already going!

Scout seems to have just the personality we were hoping for - equal parts sweet and cuddly / playful and fun! He is absolutely amazing with the boys, already knows how to sit on command, loves going for walks, is sleeping through the night in his kennel (fingers crossed that continues!) and has narrowed down the potty accidents to 0 today!!

After looking at dozens of puppy pictures with breeders in the tri-state area, as soon as I saw Scout’s picture I just felt like he was the one for us. We are so grateful for how things worked out and that we are able to call him ours!


Jennifer Omann & Phoebe

(formerly Tinsel from Nicki's 2018 Fall Litter)

Great people to work with and we are so happy with Phoebe. She is a great dog, healthy, no shedding, beautiful coat, very easy to train and has a great disposition. I highly recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles and their pups to my friends and family!


The Naples Family & Copper

(formerly Rusty of Nicki's 2019 Summer Litter)

We can't say enough wonderful things about Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles!    Our Copper is so smart and was very easy to train.  He has beautiful coloring, perfect health, and his fur is soft and fluffy.   He is playful, kind and very affectionate!   Most importantly, Copper is friendly with every person he meets, but he especially loves all children!   Bri's puppies are loved and handled by Bri's five children from the very beginning, and I truly believe that is what makes Bri's puppies so special!  Thank you, Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles!

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Della Edited.jpg

Melissa DellAngelo and Della

(formerly Aspen of Nicki's 2018 Fall Litter)

We got our Goldendoodle (Della, formerly Aspen) from Kinnickinnic in December 2018—just in time for Christmas. Starting from our very first email until the day we picked Della up, Bri was so great to work with. Bri was very responsive and informative throughout the whole process. She messaged back almost immediately with any question I may have had. Della is now 14 weeks and is so sweet and fun to be around. We have two children and live in a busy neighborhood and Della is so great with everyone she meets. She is smart too! She is completely house trained and knows several commands already.We drove 14 hours round trip to pick Della up from Kinnickinnic and we’d do it again!


Nick and Heidi Brazis & Family and Donner (Nicki's 2018 Fall Litter)

We couldn’t be happier with the experience of adopting our puppy with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. Bri was so patient with us during the selection process and helped us choose just the right puppy for our family. They also helped us keep our Christmas secret for nearly 2 months. Nicki and Kinni are gorgeous, healthy, and well mannered. We felt thankful that we were able to choose from such beautiful and well cared for pups, and in the end, we didn’t feel that there were any that were easily eliminated from our selection. After having our puppy in our home for over a month, we have found him to be easily trained, great with kids, absolutely adorable, and no shedding!  We are forever thankful for this wonderful family and their goldendoodle breeding success.


Hollie Chase & Lilo

(formerly Aster of Kinni's 2018 Summer Litter)

Our experience adopting our puppy Lilo could not have gone better. This is a lovely family with some very well cared for puppies. The entire process was so great, they posted photos and video clips of the puppies as they grew and sent us updates on Lilo after we picked her out. We’ve had Lilo home for five weeks now and she is sociable, energetic, and so smart! I am absolutely in-love with this sweet little girl. I highly recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles, they are absolutely wonderful.

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Larry Fronczak & Gracie

(formerly Zinnia from Kinni's 2018 Summer Litter

Bought our sweet baby Gracie from Kinni Goldendoodles. She is a joy. Outstanding support and communication!


Dan and Jessica Servais & Ruby

(formerly Noel of Nicki's 2018 Fall Litter)

We got Ruby (Noel) from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles right before Christmas 2018. We just love her! She has been so easy to train! Very easy to potty train. You can tell she is a very smart dog. She has been so good with our four kids. We recommend them to everyone we know, who falls in love with our puppy!


Brianna Halstead & Adalyn

(formerly Poppy of Kinni's 2018 Summer Litter)

Working with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles has been nothing short of perfect. This family has been a pleasure to work with. From the first message I sent Bri to the day I took my puppy home I was pleased. I was SO excited to be getting my puppy.  I asked for weekly updates & she was happy to do so. I had the privilege of bringing one of Kinni’s puppies from her first litter home with me. “Poppy” now Adalyn and she is absolutely perfect. The night I picked her up and as the family said goodbye my heart was FULL seeing the love & affection she was given in the time spent with them. The experience I had with this family was phenomenal. I’ll be back for another puppy soon enough.

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John Burfisher & Sally

(formerly Magnolia of Kinni's 2018 Summer Litter)

Getting my puppy from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles was a very smooth and carefree process. Bri is very responsive and answers any questions you may have about anything. There were moments when I needed to know my dog’s weight, what she ate, vaccination process etc. Bri would get back to me right away, which I appreciated very much. You can be rest assured your puppy is coming from a caring and loving breeder. Potty training my dog has been so easy and I think it's because the dogs come from open green space, so they know to go on grass. I take my dog outside a lot, but she had only one accident inside. I don't even need to use puppy pads because she just knows to go outside. I also get constant compliments on the color of my dog’s fur. She's a deep red, which is something you can't find in every goldendoodle. Finally, my puppy’s temperament is amazing. She's very chill and has been great with other dogs. She doesn't bark a lot and knows how to stand up for herself with other pups. She goes inside her crate and cries very minimally. She also slept through the night from day one of bringing her home. I would recommend getting your puppy from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles because they are an all-around reliable breeder that loves and cares for their dogs.

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Sue Ourada & Ruby

(formerly Clover of Kinni's 2018 Summer Litter)

Ruby you stole my heart right from the start. I got Ruby at Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles and cannot say enough about that family. Bri was extremely responsive, usually within minutes. I was a bit nervous about Ruby (Clover) being the last puppy left in the litter. I asked myself “why didn’t anyone else want her?” Being 4.5 hours from River Falls we didn’t even get to meet her before we made the investment. She turned out to be worth every penny. She was raised by a loving family, I can tell by how snuggly she is. Bri’s young sons helped raise the puppies and took such pride in that and Ruby loves the kids as a result. The best part is she has brought Charlie [our black goldendoodle] out of his shell. They play and run together like they are truly brother and sister. I would highly recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles if you are in the market for an awesome mini goldendoodle. Thank you Bri!

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