We got our River boy a week ago! I don’t know how we ever lived without him. I waited two years to get my pup and I’m so thankful when the time came to finally get my doodle that I found Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. The fact that Bri involves her children in caring and playing with the puppies definitely made this an easier transition for the pup as well as us! River loves to play with our kids! He came out of his shell about two days after we got home! He’s almost 9 weeks old and is already following commands. He is so smart!! We love him! We love him so much that we are getting another pup from Bri in June. Can’t waittt! Thank you for always responding to my questions and sending me pics of our pup while he was waiting for us to take him home. You have truly brought joy to our family

Jaren Rodriguez & River

(formerly Crockett of Nicki's 2020 Spring Litter)


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I had an excellent experience with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. Bri was very personable, responsive, and always available to answer questions. The process was seamless from the beginning. Bri and her family take great care of the puppies and consistent with communications and sending photos. I did a lot of research and loved these puppies. I've had Brody for a week now and his is so sweet and playful. I couldn't be happier with my choice of breeder and puppy. I highly recommend Kinnickinnic if you are looking for a Goldendoodle.

Eileen Suarez & Brody

(formerly Ranger from Nicki's 2020 Spring Litter)


We can't say enough wonderful things about Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles!    Our Copper is so smart and was very easy to train.  He has beautiful coloring, perfect health, and his fur is soft and fluffy.   He is playful, kind and very affectionate!   Most importantly, Copper is friendly with every person he meets, but he especially loves all children!   Bri's puppies are loved and handled by Bri's five children from the very beginning, and I truly believe that is what makes Bri's puppies so special!  Thank you, Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles!

The Naples Family & Copper

(formerly Rusty of Nicki's 2019 Summer Litter)

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We got our Goldendoodle (Della, formerly Aspen) from Kinnickinnic in December 2018—just in time for Christmas. Starting from our very first email until the day we picked Della up, Bri was so great to work with. Bri was very responsive and informative throughout the whole process. She messaged back almost immediately with any question I may have had. 

Della is now 14 weeks and is so sweet and fun to be around. We have two children and live in a busy neighborhood and Della is so great with everyone she meets. She is smart too! She is completely house trained and knows several commands already.

We drove 14 hours round trip to pick Della up from Kinnickinnic and we’d do it again!

Melissa DellAngelo and Della (formerly Aspen of Nicki's 2018 Fall Litter).

We couldn’t be happier with the experience of adopting our puppy with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles. Bri was so patient with us during the selection process and helped us choose just the right puppy for our family. They also helped us keep our Christmas secret for nearly 2 months. Nicki and Kinni are gorgeous, healthy, and well mannered. We felt thankful that we were able to choose from such beautiful and well cared for pups, and in the end, we didn’t feel that there were any that were easily eliminated from our selection. After having our puppy in our home for over a month, we have found him to be easily trained, great with kids, absolutely adorable, and no shedding!  We are forever thankful for this wonderful family and their goldendoodle breeding success.

Nick and Heidi Brazis & Family and Donner (Nicki's 2018 Fall Litter)

We got Ruby (Noel) from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles right before Christmas 2018. We just love her! She has been so easy to train! Very easy to potty train. You can tell she is a very smart dog. She has been so good with our four kids. We recommend them to everyone we know, who falls in love with our puppy!

Dan and Jessica Servais & Ruby (formerly Noel of Nicki's 2018 Fall Litter)

Our experience adopting our puppy Lilo could not have gone better. This is a lovely family with some very well cared for puppies. The entire process was so great, they posted photos and video clips of the puppies as they grew and sent us updates on Lilo after we picked her out. We’ve had Lilo home for five weeks now and she is sociable, energetic, and so smart! I am absolutely in-love with this sweet little girl. I highly recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles, they are absolutely wonderful.

Hollie Chase & Lilo (formerly

Aster of Kinni's 2018 Summer Litter)

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Working with Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles has been nothing short of perfect. This family has been a pleasure to work with. From the first message I sent Bri to the day I took my puppy home I was pleased. I was SO excited to be getting my puppy.  I asked for weekly updates & she was happy to do so. I had the privilege of bringing one of Kinni’s puppies from her first litter home with me. “Poppy” now Adalyn and she is absolutely perfect. The night I picked her up and as the family said goodbye my heart was FULL seeing the love & affection she was given in the time spent with them. The experience I had with this family was phenomenal. I’ll be back for another puppy soon enough.

Brianna Halstead & Adalyn (formerly

Poppy of Kinni's 2018 Summer Litter)

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Getting my puppy from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles was a very smooth and carefree process. Bri is very responsive and answers any questions you may have about anything. There were moments when I needed to know my dog’s weight, what she ate, vaccination process etc. Bri would get back to me right away, which I appreciated very much. You can be rest assured your puppy is coming from a caring and loving breeder. Potty training my dog has been so easy and I think it's because the dogs come from open green space, so they know to go on grass. I take my dog outside a lot, but she had only one accident inside. I don't even need to use puppy pads because she just knows to go outside. I also get constant compliments on the color of my dog’s fur. She's a deep red, which is something you can't find in every goldendoodle. Finally, my puppy’s temperament is amazing. She's very chill and has been great with other dogs. She doesn't bark a lot and knows how to stand up for herself with other pups. She goes inside her crate and cries very minimally. She also slept through the night from day one of bringing her home. I would recommend getting your puppy from Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles because they are an all-around reliable breeder that loves and cares for their dogs.

John Burfisher & Sally (formerly Magnolia of Kinni's 2018 Summer Litter)

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Ruby you stole my heart right from the start. I got Ruby at Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles and cannot say enough about that family. Bri was extremely responsive, usually within minutes. I was a bit nervous about Ruby (Clover) being the last puppy left in the litter. I asked myself “why didn’t anyone else want her?” Being 4.5 hours from River Falls we didn’t even get to meet her before we made the investment. She turned out to be worth every penny. She was raised by a loving family, I can tell by how snuggly she is. Bri’s young sons helped raise the puppies and took such pride in that and Ruby loves the kids as a result. The best part is she has brought Charlie [our black goldendoodle] out of his shell. They play and run together like they are truly brother and sister. I would highly recommend Kinnickinnic Goldendoodles if you are in the market for an awesome mini goldendoodle. Thank you Bri!

Sue Ourada & Ruby

(formerly Clover of Kinni's 2018 Summer Litter)




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