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Maxlo (Max) is our handsome red purebred poodle.  He is very smart, loving and friendly.  We are so happy to have him as part of our family and breeding program.  Maxlo stands at 25" and weighs 55lbs.

Please see Max's ACK & CKC pedigree and registration certificates by clicking the buttons below.

MaxJan24 (1).jpg

Paw Print Genetics Testing

Max has had his genetic testing done through Paw Print Genetics.  We are thrilled with his results!

Please see his results below.

MaxJan24 (2).jpg

Paw Print Genetics

Color & Trait Testing 

Results for the coloring and traits that Max carries are below.  Click the button below to see his results.  We are very excited to see the coloring of his beautiful pups!

PennHIP Testing for Maxlo:

Right DI: 0.22, Left DI: 0.26

The breed average for the Standard Poodle is a DI of 0.47.  The lower the number, the lower the risk of Osteoarthritis (OA).  Max has BETTER hips than the average Standard Poodle!  He has wonderful genetics being passed on to his puppies!

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