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We cannot ensure pregnancy.  But we take every measure possible to make sure your dam has a successful breeding.  This is why we include progesterone testing and negative Brucellosis tests for both dam and stud in our stud service agreement.  We want to optimize a successful breeding.

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For our stud services, we require that your female have a current negative brucellosis blood test within 30 days of her breeding. This is a simple blood draw at your vet and does take a couple of days for results, so please plan accordingly.

To secure your potential calendar dates for your stud service, we require a $600 non-refundable reservation fee be placed, which amount will go towards your total due for services. 

Next, we do require you to perform progesterone testing with your vet to carefully time insemination & have a better guarantee of successful impregnation. This is a blood draw done at the vet to time when your girl is ovulating. You'll begin progesterone testing when her discharge is very light to non-existent near the end of her bleeding cycle. See chart below for guidance and action to take given the progesterone numbers she tests at.

progesterone info by Bri.png

You will need to plan on the cost of the stud fee or the pick of the litter option (must be pre-approved).  If you are requesting a natural breeding, you will need to plan on bringing your dam to our home and leaving her here for 3 days.  Boarding is included in your Stud Service Fee.  You are responsible to provide food for your dam while she is here.

If you are requesting fresh chilled semen be shipped to your veterinarian, collection and shipping is available on weekdays.  We include TWO collections, sent separately, IF NECESSARY, in our Stud Service Fee.

We do work with a reproduction specialist veterinarian, and they will ensure an adequate sperm count is present in the collection sent to your veterinarian.

Please fill out the Stud Service Agreement below and email to


Pricing for Stud Service with Mars

Down Payment: $600

(non-refundable and due immediately to schedule your breeding)

Remaining Balance: $1900

(non-refundable and due one week prior to estimated breeding date)

Total Due: $2500

(plus any applicable fees and sales tax)

The above pricing is for a natural OR an ai breeding!  Please see our stud service agreement above for what is included in each type of stud service.

           "Pick of the Litter" Option            
           The stud service fees will still be collected as stated above in this scenario

Once the bred litter has been born and the Stud Owner has selected their "pick of the litter" (after the litter has reached 3 weeks of age, but no later than 6 weeks of age), the Dam Owner shall be refunded a portion of the Stud Service Fee.  After the selected puppy has been received by the Stud Owner, along with all necessary paperwork including full breeding rights, a refund of the outstanding Stud Service Fee will be issued in full. Dam Owner will cover the cost of delivery/shipping the selected puppy to the Stud Owner. 

(please see all terms in our stud service agreement!)


Payment can be made via Venmo, Zelle or CashApp.  Please contact us with any questions!


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